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Lightweight durable bags for any situation!

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Essential Collection

If you are a traveling person, an Essential Backpack is the first and most important thing you need to have. Choosing a bag for traveling always requires a few considerations: quality, material, durability, comfort, patterns, size, affordability, and colors are some important things to consider while buying a Commuter Backpack.

LeSportsac Essential Crossbody bags offer all the essential features a bag should have. From the Essential Collection, you can quickly find a bag that fits you perfectly. The quality of LeSportsac bags is always premium. All you need to do is find the bag for your specific needs and we will have the bag to match.

While traveling, we all need to take a lot of things along with us - lothing, shoes, toiletries, food, water, first aid kits, chargers, living essentials, and so on. To carry all these things properly and safely, the bag needs to be strong and durable. You will never regret after getting an Essential bag from LeSportsac for your on-the-go needs.