Through the decades, LeSportsac has collaborated with like-minded brands producing limited edition collections. From global fashion houses to iconic artists, we continue to expand awareness to a new generation.
Dick Bruna x LeSportsac
LeSportsac is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dick Bruna. Bruna is a world famous Dutch picture book writer and graphic designer. Dick Bruna’s masterpieces will be rolled out in LeSportsac’s bestselling styles.
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SoulCycle x LeSportsac
LeSportsac is pleased to announce a dynamic new collaboration which is sure to get pulses racing. Teaming up with SoulCycle, the powerhouse American fitness brand that turned indoor cycling into a global phenomenon, LeSportsac presents a hi-energy collection with a glossy, camouflage-inspired print.
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Pokémon™ x LeSportsac Official Collection
Pokémon are setting off on an all new adventure – a collaboration with LeSportsac! These fabulous new patterns are available in the classic LeSportsac styles. Releasing in Summer 2020, get ready to set out and discover all the new styles!
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Coca-Cola® x LeSportsac Official Collection
Refresh your look with the LeSportsac and Coca-Cola® Collaboration. This fun collection features the globally loved beverage in all of your favorite LeSportsac styles, plus a few creatively constructed new ones.
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Barbie™ x LeSportsac
LeSportsac is excited to announce a new collaboration with Barbie™ for Winter 2019. The collection features a range of modern and vintage inspired prints that are the perfect way to cap off LeSportsac’s yearlong 45th anniversary celebration and pay tribute to Barbie’s 60th anniversary.
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