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LeSportsac x Libertine - Summer 2024

Elevate your style with the new LeSportsac x Libertine Summer Collection. A dazzling fusion of avant-garde design and timeless classics, this collaboration unveils three mesmerizing allover prints: Libertine Hamish Floral, Libertine Eton Stripe, and Libertine Silkscreen, each a testament to Libertine’s signature flair for bold patterns and vivid color palettes. Adding a touch of dynamic flair, the Blue/Red/White Fringe steals the spotlight, enhancing the collection’s eclectic charm.

LeSportsac x Libertine - Summer 2024 Collectiontemplate--15572892123184__7c5107a6-fe94-4876-b9c7-f123bd6cd23a
LeSportsac x Libertine - Summer 2024 Collectiontemplate--15572892123184__27953a45-00c3-4942-8f4d-57a391f324d2
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LeSportsac x Libertine - Summer 2024 Collectiontemplate--15572892123184__article_hero_Xric4t
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