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50th Anniversary Patchworktemplate--15460118888496__fa862a2e-11d6-41ae-9ae5-7d3aad8c9d73

To commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we embrace the theme of "Forever Forward," a mantra that reflects our commitment to innovation while staying true to our design-driven NYC roots.

We kick-off our year-long celebration with the 50th Patchwork Collection, a colorful pieced-patchwork of archival LeSportsac prints from each decade. It’s a tribute to our heritage that evokes a nostalgic look with a modern twist. Available in three styles inspired by our archives, each featuring tan trim and vintage-style rectangle zipper pulls.

50th Anniversary Patchwork Flight Bag
50th Anniversary Patchworktemplate--15460118888496__27953a45-00c3-4942-8f4d-57a391f324d2
50th Anniversary Patchworktemplate--15460118888496__7c5107a6-fe94-4876-b9c7-f123bd6cd23a
50th Anniversary Patchworktemplate--15460118888496__c95f3d8e-c829-43bb-94d7-7699b109600a
50th Anniversary Patchworktemplate--15460118888496__07e65dd3-6c96-46c8-bf46-2ef4b7ae57e4
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