Belt Bags

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Versatile belt bags and fanny packs perfect for daily use!

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Belt Bags

Get in the loop with nylon belt bags!

Looking for a stylish belt bag for keeping your essentials? Known as fanny packs, waist bags, or belt bags - these bags can be traced back through the fashion decades. Today, these bags are a trendsetter!

Featuring bold colors and incredible prints and patterns, these bags make a winning style statement.

Our wide assortment of belt bags are extremely practical and provide easy access to whatever you are carrying. Go hands free, with nylon fanny packs designed to wrap around your waist.

Looking for a workout without the worry of leaving valuable gadgets in the gym locker room? With a workout fanny pack, you give yourself full mobility, while keeping your valuables strapped safely to your waist.

What can a nylon belt bag carry? The better question is what it CAN’T carry!

• Phones
• Chargers
• Jewelry
• Medication
• Keys
• Wallets

...and so much more! Our fanny packs and belt bags can hold all of your most important items in spectacular style and security.

Not sold? Try hiking with a bulky shoulder bag, or running with a purse. Try something as simple as walking through a store with your current bag over your shoulder, and think about how nice it would be to shop without that annoying strap over your shoulder or in your hand. A belt bag liberates you from traditional straps and handles!

Strong, durable, and roomy. These are nylon belt bags designed and built to last by LeSportsac!

We pride ourselves on our advanced design, allowing you to make the most out of the room provided to you. Basically, we design small bags to be big, and big bags to be bigger!

We use only the best materials, and craft those materials into a resilient, durable bag. Our bags are more than tools, they are companions which assist you in everyday life.

A good companion, however, makes you smile. A good companion is fun, exciting, enriching. LeSportsac’s unique, colorful designs make the most out of your new companion!

Bright solid colors, exciting patterns, unique designs, all with a modern artistic flair! In the end, a belt bag from LeSportsac is more than a bag. It’s an extension of you; your personality, your hobbies, and your unique self.
Ready to discover your new LeSportsac style?