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LeSportsac Print Archive 2012


Shadow Blossom print

High Five print

Bluebonnet Pin Dot print

Peach Pin Dot print

Mod Pin Dot print

Swoop print

Koala Walla print

Romance print

Brolly print

Spring Bouquet print

Picnic print

Lucky Stripe print

Meander print

Grace print

Fly Away print

Fly Away Black print

Bah Bah Sheep print

Flower Drops print

Frolic Blue print

Lots of Luv Embroidery

Sweetness Embroidery

Happy Quilting

Swizzle Aqua print

Swizzle Magenta print

Scout Patchwork print

Mingle print

Electra Flower print

Girly Soiree print

Beach Hopping print

Bluebird print

Hilltop print

Shazam print

Provence print

Tie Dye print

Heartbeat print

Lets Rock print

Powder Room print

Roadie print

Flower Folly print

Hipstar print

Hope Garden print

Evening Dance Embroidery

Serendipity Quilting

Decadence print

Pueblo print

Hippie Daze print

Tambourine print

Botanica print

Persing Plaid print

Campus Stripe print

Kitchy print

Russian Bazaar print

Decorama print

Houndstooth print

Russian Ditzy print

Bejeweled print

Bliss Embroidery

Nouveau print

Normandy Quilting

Hot Kiss Sequins

Fairytale print

Affection print

Home Sweet Home print

Wild Flower print

Outta Sight print

Celebrate print

Primp print

Rose Garden print

Cheetah Cat print

Cozy print

Cuckoo Clock print

Pink Fairytale print

Fairytale print

Florence print

Peppy print

Line Up print

Bow Wow print

Sashay print

Heart Parade print

Affection Ruffle print

Super Star print

Glam Gold print

Morning Blossom Quilting

Cayenne Ripstop print

Grape print

Bronze Lightning print

Sterling Lightning print

Taupia Patent print

Black solid

Mirage solid

Coffee solid

Silver Glitter solid

Laser metallic

Black patent

Pearl Lightning solid


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