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LeSportsac Print Archive 2010


Exclusive! Glamorous print

Primrose print

Twizzle print

Reverie print

Gray Pin Dot print

Keepsake print

Vaudeville print by Fifi Lapin

Peace print

Sunny Spring print

Dressy print

Dazzle print

Alley Cat print

Alley Cat Mini print

Zewow print

Jardin print

Cupcake print

Tilt-A-Whirl print

Merry-Go-Round print

Purrr-fect Patch print by Lilly Pulitzer

She's A Piston print by Lilly Pulitzer

Jitterbug Embroidery

Daisy Do print

Tip-Top print

Marine Pin Dot print

County Fair print

Pantry print

Pixie print

Fresca print

Tweet Tweet print

Tweet Tweet Mini print

Madras print

Shibori print

Smarty print

Twinkle print

Rodeo print

Solstice print

Luv Ur Planet print

LeCamo print

Prairie print

Hip Hop Hooray print by Lilly Pulitzer

Volley Embroidery

Mocha Tripper print

Day Tripper print

Glee Club print

Dreamscape print

Cheater print

Mocha Dot print

Hearts of Gold print

Esperance print

Inca print

Melange print

Chan Chan print

Mochuco print

Chimu Girls print

La La Love print

Peruvian Fantasy print

Andean Paisley print

Aquarelle print

Fleur Chiffon print

Gum Drops print

Dance Dance print

Rave print

Swirl print

Rosebud print

Silverbud print

Psyched print

Pastille print

Happy Herd print

Lip Smacker print

Orbit print

Toodles print

Aerial print

Filigree print

Rockstar sequin

Rockstar Mini sequin

Black Patent

Pearl Lightning

Passion Fruit Patent

Soleil Lightning

Black solid

Truffle solid

White solid

Latte solid

Zinc solid

Lemon soild

Kiwi solid

Fast Forward Color Block

Rewind Color Block

Aubregine Shimmer

Graphite Shimmer

Scarlet Cross Sport


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