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LeSportsac Print Archive 2002


American Plaid print

Bandana print

Bloomsbury print

Moulin Rose print

Sweetie print

Tea Party print

Very Berry print

Blue Cabana print

Blue Window Pane print

Buffalo Plaid print

Peach Blossom print

Perennial Garden print

Periwinkle Paisley print

Yellow Cabana print

Checkmate print

Fairy Flowers print

Island Madras print

Pink Linen print

Pink Soda print

Pinwheel print

LeCute Black print by Jonathan Adler

LeCute Red print by Jonathan Adler

LeCute Pink print by Jonathan Adler

LeCute Sea print by Jonathan Adler

Rainbow Garden print

Rosette print

Steeplechase print

Moulin Rose Sequin

Pink Soda Sequin

Begonia Embroidery

Melon Begonia Embroidery

Lemon Gumdrop Embroidery

Love Me Embroidery

Blue Veranda Embroidery

Pink Veranda Embroidery

Plaid Daisy Embroidery

Pussycat Embroidery

Rainbow Embroidery

Rosebud Embroidery

Star Black Embroidery

Star Red Embroidery

Strawberry Fields Embroidery

Milbrook print

Woodland print

Black Flora print

Apples print by Jonathan Adler

Blue Flora print

Somerset print

Monogram Black print

Monogram Red print

Garland print

Fire Flower print

Petrol print

Y-Knot Chocolate print by Diane von Furstenberg

Y-Knot Black print by Diane von Furstenberg

Blue Bauhaus print

Check print

Bohemia print

Black Herringbone print

Petrol Sequin

McIntoch Embroidery

Favorite Things Embroidery

Hibiscus Embroidery

Fair Isle print

Diva print

Black Rose print

Tooty-Fruity print by Diane von Furstenberg

Spring Rose print

Periwinkle Stripe print

Natural Botanical print

Northern Lights print

French Paisley print

Fuchsia Flower print

Monogram Blue print

Secret Garden print

Maraschino print

Sweet Dreams print

Dorset Plaid print

Pixie print

Pink Argyle print

Matrix print

Jet Stream print

Cote d'Azur print

Diva Sequin

Maraschino Sequin

Denim Sequin

Ski Bunny Embroidery

Hot Lips Embroidery

Umbrellas Embroidery

Meringue chroma-shine

Silver Metallic

Copper chroma-shine

Navy Spectator

Red Spectator

Chestnut Spectator

Black solid

Natural solid

Red Pepper solid

Royal Navy

Taupe solid

White solid

Orange solid

Silver Black

Chestnut solid

Buttercup solid

Melon solid


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