Deluxe Everyday Bag

Large Black Deluxe Everyday Shoulder Bag

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Leave nothing behind with our Deluxe Everyday Bag. Designed to hold your everyday essentials (plus a few extras) without weighing you down, each bag is crafted to hold its shape and get you through the day. Easily worn and converted from a shoulder bag to a crossbody, our Deluxe Everyday Bag is made to perfectly compliment you and your lifestyle. With more than 20 bold and trendy patterns to choose from, you'll always have the perfect go-to bag, just as unique as you.

Product Features:
• Two large main zip closure compartments
• Zip out expansion for additional space
• Zippered pockets designed to comfortably fit your cell phone, wallet, water bottle, and other essentials
• Adjustable strap (Max. 50in/127cm)
• Zippered closures for maximum security
• Includes matching pouch with zipper closure

Dimensions: 9.75H x 14W x 5D in, 24.77H x 35.56W x 12.7D cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Pam H
Deluxe Everyday Bag

This is my second Deluxe Everyday Bag and I love it! The exterior design is fresh & the bag looks great - lots of compartments to store important things. I use mine for travel and the crossbody strap is very handy to keep my hands free, yet my bag contents are protected behind many zippers!

Kathryn Lewus Wemer
Best bag

This bag is perfect so far. It's my 3rd of same style LeSportsac. The first one lasted 25 years, the second only five years before three of the zippers all broke, but I bought it on deep discount and really wore it hard so no complaints about that one. I hope this one will last longer because I really like this pattern. These bags have the perfect size, weight, and compartment shapes for my lifestyle! Please keep making them!

Sylvia Rieman

The locsl stores I used to purchase your products at no longer seem to carry them so I decided to go to your website. Service wad good but higher price than I was used yo paying. However Sportsac is my favorite daytime and travel purse so wad glad to be able to purchase it from the website.