What to Pack for a Weekend Trip!

What to Pack for a Weekend Trip!

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What’s the hardest part of a weekend trip?

Well, the often dreaded task of packing. 

Although the first step in walking out the door to your next destination can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. 

We’ve come up with the ultimate packing guide that should ease your roadblocks of packing. 

Whether it’s the fear of overpacking or having the ideal size bag, you’ll find tips to help you cruise into your next trip having mastered the art of packing. 

First Things First: Finding the Perfect Bag

Typically when finding the right bag, you want to think about convenience and functionality. 

If carrying something light and easy to sling over your shoulder checks all of your boxes, we suggest going with the Deluxe Medium Weekender. 

Deluxe Medium Weekender

This style is the perfect size for a two or three-day trip. 

With room to store your clothing, toiletries, and small accessories, the Deluxe Medium Weekender is definitely a winner. A similar option would be the Harper bag

Similar in size to the Deluxe Medium Weekender, this bag is key for those who carry their laptop or tablet with them everywhere they go. With a built-in sleeve and snap closure, the Harper Bag is great for keeping your technology safe. 

Haper Bag in Classic Black

If you’re venturing off on a longer trip or can’t break the habit of packing those “just in case” options, we suggest going with the Deluxe Large Weekender. It has a huge amount of space to carry your belongings and even has zipper pockets on the exterior for additional organization and access to quick items. 

Deluxe Extra Large Weekender in Black

No matter what you choose, all 3 bags are ideal for your travels since they are durable and timeless. 

The best part about them is their versatility! These bags have multipurpose usage beyond just traveling. Use them for your daily gym bag, running errands, work, and more. 

Deluxe Large Weekender

Deluxe Large Weekender


Adventure awaits with our Deluxe Large Weekender. Whether it's for a quick getaway or jet-set carry-on, each of our Weekenders is equipped to securely hold all your essentials in one lightweight and stylish bag. Featuring comfortable and adjustable straps, convertible… read more

The Ultimate Packing Checklist

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect travel bag It’s time to put your weekender and packing skills to the test. 

Here’s a short list of everything you’ll want to pack. 

Tip: We suggest packing heavier and bulkier items like shoes and jackets first, then smaller and lighter objects on top, but: If it’s being questioned, leave it behind. You’ll be happy you didn’t overpack.

*Drum roll please*

The Ultimate Weekend Trip Packing List

  • 1-2 Pairs of Shoes
    • Walking shoes: your most comfortable tennis shoes or slides!
    • A dressy pair (depending on location/event/plans)
  • 2-3 Pairs of Tops and Bottoms
    • Think neutrals or styles that can be mixed and matched in multiple ways.
  • 2 tops, a button-up, and a casual tee
  • 2 Denim and/or khaki bottoms
  • 1-2 Nightwears
  • Other Clothing:
    • Undergarments, underwear, socks, swimsuits (as needed), gym wear and sweats (as needed)
  • 1 Jacket or Sweater (depending on the weather)
  • Jewelry and Accessories 
  • Necessary Medicines
  • Toiletry Kit - Bathroom goods to fit in your cosmetic bag or Dopp kit
    • skincare, toothbrush, hairbrush, travel shampoo, makeup
  • Sunglasses 
  • Phone / Laptop / Tablet with Chargers and Headphones/Earphones 
  • Copy of Necessary Documents- or make sure to have them on your phone!
  • Camera (Optional) 

Haper Bag

Tips for a perfect weekend trip:

Your perfect weekend trip goes beyond just packing. 

Once you have your destination selected, you’ll be able to pack more specifically and cater your weekend bag to the climate, plans for the trip, and from there - the adventure begins! 

  • Select The Right Place to Travel
    • What have you been craving lately? The bustle of a city? Or a quiet weekend in the cabin with your closest friends?
  • Make the Necessary Documents Ready
    • Make sure you have all of your IDs, cards, etc. up to date! Traveling always comes with complications and being accurately prepared helps eliminate the stress and buzz of any small inconveniences. 
  • Keep Track of Your Travel Arrangements
    • Create a note on your phone with any reservations you have for the trip. You can link your receipts and create a simple outline on your phone to have on hand at all times. 
  • Consider Travel Security
    • Make sure your travels are safe! It is important to follow current happenings and the guidelines of the country or state to which you are traveling to. Although things are opening up and we are adapting to a new and safer way of existing amidst a pandemic right now, it is essential that you consider the health of yourself and others. 
  • Double-Check
    • Double-check over your packed items! Make sure you’ve crossed off all the items on your list.
  • Have fun and enjoy it!
    • Getting away is supposed to be fun! Don’t let your stress and anxieties get the best of you. Your adventure awaits with high spirits, new sights, smells, sounds, and memories!

And you’re off! 

A great adventure awaits and thanks to the smooth operations of packing and organization, you’ll forget all about the task of compiling your life into a lightweight travel bag. 

Your LeSportsac Weekender makes it a trouble-free experience and with an array of prints and colors, you are bound to find your newest forever travel buddy. 



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