Our Favorite Black Friday Deals of the Season

Our Favorite Black Friday Deals of the Season

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It’s our favorite time of the year, Black Friday!

Did you know that Black Friday is a recognized holiday in more than 20 states? We know it should be more! 

There’s no better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving than getting cozy and shopping from your couch for AMAZING deals.

We’ve highlighted the top 10 deals we love the most this year, be one of the first to snag some of these items before they are gone!

Let’s get into it!

Our favorite Black Friday deals

1. The Box Bag and Tote

This bag is absolutely perfect AND eco-friendly!

Quickly transform this tiny handheld pouch into your on-the-go shopping tote in seconds!

With this bag, you can start taking care of the planet and save yourself that pesky five cents per bag. Whether for you or a lucky (and very stylish!) friend or family member, this sweet plaid noir tote will make for the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Normal price: $45 Black Friday Price: $33.75

2. The Deluxe Everyday Bag

Meet your newest everyday companion. 

This carryall bag will hold your daily essentials and more! 

With more convenient zipper compartments than you can count, store your most cherished items conveniently and eliminate the endless searching for chapstick and your keys at the bottom of your bag.

Did we mention it is a transitional bag? You can rock it on one shoulder or convert it to a crossbody bag using the adjustable strap to find the best fit for your unique style. 

Normal price: $80 Black Friday Price: $60

3. The Recycled Hobo

All of the style of our classic hobo, but also eco-friendly! 

Can you believe this bag is made out of plastic bottles? How is that for gift talking points? 

This gift is the perfect accessory for your environmentally conscious pals! 

This small everyday bag is just the right size to make the perfect travel companion, serving as both a toiletry bag and a stylish daytime tote.

Normal price: $75 Black Friday Price: $56.25

4. The Rectangular Cosmetic 

Short and sweet, our Rectangular Cosmetic comes in loads of different prints, so you’re bound to find the perfect accessory for your unique style. This bag is more than just your standard make-up case, with more than enough space for wire and charger storage, gift wrapping, a 2-in-1 surprise, or a mini-pouch to keep your larger tote organized!

Normal price: $20 Black Friday Price: $15

5. The Convertible Crossbody Belt Bag

Our most versatile on-the-go bag yet! Belt bags are so trendy right now. Watch out, fanny packs! This bag is packed with flexibility and functionality. 

Just Imagine having another free arm with your bag being securely fastened to your waist. 

This bag can be taken anywhere at any time! Keep your essentials close while enjoying things like your favorite water sports, hiking, site-seeing, or roaming your favorite theme park. Avoid the risk of setting your bag down by attaching it to you! 

Purchase the bag now, plot your next active vacation later :)

Normal price: $45 Black Friday Price: $33.75

6. The ID Card Case

Keep your most important items all in one place with this festive style! 

Our keys, ID, and wallet are arguably our most essential possessions. Why not keep them all in one place? This ID card case attaches right to your keychain. No more fishing around for your ID while the line is being held up behind you!

This ID card case is great for all ages, not to mention the perfect stocking stuffer!

Normal price: $15 Black Friday Price: $11.25

7. The Plaid Deluxe Shoulder Satchel

Time to make the Deluxe Shoulder Satchel your new holiday go-to gift. 

It’s the perfect gift for an on-the-go mom, a pre-teen’s first satchel, or your friend that loves the flexibility of going straight from work to the gym. 

This lightweight pouch allows you to load it up with all your necessities. 

This satchel only requires a bow to look gorgeous with the decorative print under the tree this holiday.

Normal price: $75 Black Friday Price: $56.25

8. The 2-in-1 Cosmetic

Our best deal yet! This 2-in-1 Cosmetic is the perfect set to easily store your travel cosmetics, day-to-day makeup, or holiday craft supplies. 

Let these bags help keep you organized or gift it to your friend who may make “being more organized” their New Years Resolution after getting this set!

Normal price: $35 Black Friday Price: $26.25