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Deluxe Everyday Bag $82.00 - $123.00


9.75 x 14 x 5 in, 24.77 x 35.56 x 12.7 cm

Two main compartments with zipped closures, Zip out expandable front main compartment, Exterior back pocket with zipped closure, Two exterior front pockets with zipped closures, Adjustable shoulder strap (Max. 50in or 127cm), Includes matching pouch with zipped closure

Style #: 7507
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Deluxe Everyday Bag $82.00 - $123.00

Style #: 7507

9.75 x 14 x 5 in, 24.77 x 35.56 x 12.7 cm

Two main compartments with zipped closures, Zip out expandable front main compartment, Exterior back pocket with zipped closure, Two exterior front pockets with zipped closures, Adjustable shoulder strap (Max. 50in or 127cm), Includes matching pouch with zipped closure

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Mar 28, 2016Michelle

I love this bag. I have never had trouble with the zippers. You used to have such great prints, such as London Calling, Herald, and Princess. Also Stars. I would like a new bag, but the prints are awful and have been for a few years. I hope you can come up with some new prints AND black so I can buy a new bag. Would LOVE IT if you would reissue the London Calling, Herald and Princess prints again! Thanks.|||Yes|||

Mar 26, 2016Kathleen Davis

Where did all the beautiful designs go? What a disappointment. I own several of these bags. They are wonderful. Never had problems with the zippers. Colors last. But what a change. No solids either. Whats going on? I would not recommend these designs. Too childish. |||No|||

Mar 21, 2016Victoria

I absolutely love the deluxe everyday bag and have it in black and a dark khaki. I have used the style for years and years and need a new one in solid black. As a 70 year old, I have absolutely no interest in anything but a solid color. My daughters, granddaughters and I use your bags. I have been using them since the early 80's and want a SOLID black. I also love my suitcase and garment bag from the past! Please bring back the deluxe everyday bag in black.|||Yes|||

Mar 19, 2016Linda

I love these bags but this year's patterns are not as pretty as ones in the past. I'm so disappointed that I will have to use one of the ones from a year or two ago for Spring and Summer. I really wanted a new one but oh well, the old one will have to do.|||Yes|||

Mar 16, 2016Diane

I've been using this style bag for years and have many different designs. I happen to love being able to get pretty & "different" patterns on them. Hopefully, I'm not jinxing myself by saying this, but I've never had zipper problems, either.|||Yes|||

Mar 14, 2016excalibur1985@sssnet.com

Just ordered my 4th deluxe everyday bag ; I love the two main sections which is hard to find. Two of the 3 I have the zippers are broken. Took to seamstress to replace. They pinched zipper pull with pliers AND IT'S FIXED. I went home and fixed my other one myself (there's many u-tube videos). LeSportsac Must have been using inferior zipper pulls because I DO NOT overload my purses and I was informed zipper had been upgraded with titanium hardware. |||Yes|||

Feb 28, 2016elizabeth

I have used the deluxe everyday bag for years and always found it great, especially for traveling. I'd like to buy it again, but where is the all black color choice? I don't buy patterns of any kind, no matter how cute they are. Bring back the black fabric choice. I'll have to go elsewhere to look for the size and color I want. I haven't had problems with the zippers on these bags. I just don't like the patterns at all.|||No|||

Feb 27, 2016Anne

I agree with other reviewers that the fabric and patterns this season are a disappointment. I came to the website to purchase a more classic/timeless bag, not a childish Disney print. So provide a variety, something for everyone I love my tone on tone grey fabric bag with a subtle embroidered design. It's several years old now. Im 50 years old, I think LeSportSac doesn't want to cater to us old folks!|||Yes|||

Feb 25, 2016Lisa

I own 2 bags and both have the zipper broken in the same place. Disappointing since these are very expensive for what you get.|||Yes|||

Feb 17, 2016Mary Christian

I love these bags. The current limited choice of colors is disappointing. I want a simple one color bag, not the cartoonish offerings.|||Yes|||

Feb 06, 2016Lynne Warner

People have to be careful with the zippers, that's all. I had a kiss lock bag from one of the past Collections. It was on a frame with the kiss lock closure. The frame got bent, but my husband fixed it for me. Then he showed me that I was stuffing too much in the bag and bending the frame myself. Same thing with the zippers -- if you abuse too much, you're going to have problems.|||Yes|||

Dec 10, 2015LSR ATLANTA

have used these purses for at least 25 years. Never had broken zipper BUT older purses have begun to have bad odor to fabric water proof coating content. Newer purses are lined and do not seem to have this problem. Favorite is Everyday Bag which was discontinued years ago and replaced with everyday deluxe which has two top zippers. Do not like this style - I remove second zipper and separating partition to make one internal compartment. Bring back regular everyday bag but add end exterior pockets for cell phone, etc. This would be he perfect purse. I have never had a broken zipper on any purse - and I use one of these purses every day - just not the same LeSport sac purse every day. someone else mentioned Khaki and olive green - I agree. There used to be a metallic copper/bronze. discontinued. metallic coating came off after a while. Did not wash well. still have the purses, structure ok, but metallic coating has washed off/ rubbed off over the years Overall - like LeSport sac, periodically purchase more from Macy's locally, but really really would like to see end pockets on everyday bag (similar to satchel, preferably zippered).. Old style everyday bag was perfect with few modern day modifications for cell phone, etc on end pockets. |||Yes|||

Dec 05, 2015Lisa

I have been using Le Sportsac bags for decades. I love the lightness and expandability of the bag. I liked the earlier version of the Everyday bag where the 2 smaller exterior pockets had one with a zipper and the other one opened. I also really liked the previous excellent customer service where we could send our bags for repair to LeSportsac...and many zippers were repaired....but you have sadly discontinued the repair department. Your bags are expensive and should last a long time, but having to repair a bag is either expensive or not repairable. This will make me rethink whether I want to continue buying LeSportsac bags. |||Yes|||

Nov 26, 2015 Vicki

I love LeSportsac bags. To me they are classically styled and a lot of thought was put into the compartments and pockets. I love that they are lightweight and sturdy. I have never had a zipper issue and have bags I've used daily for 5+ years. The zippers seem well done, to me. I recently bought the Utopia artist bag because I just fell in love with it. Mistakenly bought the everyday bag instead of the hobo, but suspect I'll be happy to have the extra room. Was pleased with the delivery speed and the class packaging. Great purchasing experience.|||Yes|||

Nov 26, 2015bmcgrewe@aol.com

PLEASE bring back the small weekender have used these bags for over 30 yrs love sm weekender|||Yes|||

Nov 23, 2015Mooncat

I love these bags! Perfect size, great choice of compartments. Lightweight. Adjustable from shoulder to crossbody. Washable. Sturdy. I have been using for at least 5 years and have had zero problems with zippers or anything else.|||Yes|||

Nov 15, 2015Barbara Veirs

I have traveled to 7 continents over many years with this bag and until now, it has done me well. I have thrown it into the washer and let it drip dry. However, finally the zippers have broken down. Also, I have always wished it had an outside pocket for a water bottle and a padded shoulder strap, which would've made it perfect. I had to improvise to make up for these structural oversights. I would purchase it again, but for the price, I have decided to purchase a less expensive bag by another well-known manufacturer in order to get everything I need. It may not last as long, who knows. Overall, since it did last me for many years, traveling over mountains and deserts and taking a real beating, I'd still recommend it to anyone who wants to put the water bottle inside and let the cap stick out of the zippered area and will wrap a padded velcro luggage handle onto the strap.|||Yes|||

Oct 30, 2015Barbara

I've used these bags everyday and for travel for about 20 years, and never had a zipper problem|||Yes|||

Oct 25, 2015Elaine Dittmer

I have carried this bag since our first trip to China in 1985. It holds it all, it never fails, I must have 6 right now, I keep everything in exactly the same place in each one. I feel like there's one perfect thing in my life: LeSportSac Deluxe Everyday Handbag.|||Yes|||

Oct 21, 2015Barbara Greenstein

I have had leSportsac bags since they first came out in the store in Greenwich Village! I have never broken a zipper and I use my bags every single day. I think that people need to consider how much STUFF they put in the bags -- if you overload it, components will break. If you constantly strain a zipper, it is not going to survive. I have many Everyday bags and never had a problem.|||Yes|||

Oct 09, 2015Dolores S Cittadino

I have been using LeSport Sac bags for about 15 years and never, ever have had a problem with the zippers. The bags are the bags to go to for quality, style, usefulness. I like a place for everything and everything in its place, and the bags make that possible. |||Yes|||

Oct 09, 2015Dolores S Cittadino

I have been using LeSport Sac bags for 15 years and have never had a problem with the zippers. Having now said that, I hope I don't jinx myself. Seriously, the best bags to have and I would have no other. I like a place for everything and everything in its place and the bags make that possible.|||Yes|||

Oct 05, 2015Gail Connerty

Have owned over 50 bags and have never ever had trouble with a zipper. There isn't any person in the world who is as hard on a bag as the author. |||Yes|||

Oct 05, 2015excalibur1985@sssnet.com

I love these bags; fabric lasts for years but unfortunately the zippers only last a year or two. I have 3 that I switch out - 2 pursed have broken zippers. Looking for my fourth and I hope zipper last because I lover the sections and compartments of this style.|||Yes|||

Oct 01, 2015Cindy

I love this bag and have several in different patterns. I have never had a problem with the zippers or anything else for that matter. LeSportsac handbags are very sturdy and hold up very well. I would love to see a solid black with lighter interior. Other than that, this is the perfect handbag.|||Yes|||

Sep 30, 2015Susan Anderson

I have to respond to some of these comments. I have about a dozen purses -- most this deluxe everyday bag. I have never had a problem with a zipper and I use these everyday and throw them in the washer when they need it. What on earth are people doing to damage all those zippers? My only wish is the revival of the messenger bag. I have only one, and I had to buy it in a yucky pattern from eBay, but it is great for traveling. It holds a ton of stuff, even having compartments on the edges and the over flap. I would buy a couple more if I could find the. |||Yes|||

Sep 26, 2015Jane Robb

I've been using your Camera Bag (no longer in your collection) for more years than I care to admit. Bags are still in great shape, HOWEVER all the zippers are broken! How can you make such a great product with such horrid zippers??? Need to replace one Camera Bag but after reading all the recent complaints about the current (and old) zipper problems, maybe I should look to another brand.|||No|||

Sep 12, 2015Karen

I like the size of this bag and the availability of pockets, but I stopped buying them several years ago when you began putting in two main compartments. It reduced the space available for larger objects. My all-time favorite style was Charlie, with the two external flap pockets, but you discontinued it. :-(|||Yes|||

Sep 09, 2015Clydesdale

PERFECT bag for travel. I used one of the main compartments for the stuff I normally carry in my purse. I used the other main compartment for travel guides, map, and bottle of water. The empty bag is so light that when you stuff it with everything you need while travelling, it doesn't give you a backache. You need to see this to understand the concept of two main compartments. There are two equal size "main" compartments, each with its own zipper. One of the two outside small zipped compartments will hold mobile phone (my daughter's fits in the small one; my iPhone 6+ fits in the larger one). I put coupons and tickets in the largest of the outside components, along with chapstick and nail file. This bag is larger than what I carry every day (the Classic Hobo), but will definitely be the bag I use from now on when I travel.|||Yes|||

Aug 24, 2015Sue

I'm waiting for my first bag to arrive. Very excited. However, I've been reading the reviews. They all love ur products except the zippers. I don't have lots of money to keep replacing all the time. I truly hope u have been listening to ur loyal customers & put n heavy duty metal zippers. Please & thank u. New customer. |||Yes|||

Aug 21, 2015khsu60@yahoo.com

BEWARE, not Charcoal color. This is a purple haze color with very little charcoal color. |||No|||

Aug 20, 2015Judy

This is a good bag if only the zippers didn't break down - if the designers corrected that problem, it would be a perfect bag. I would also appreciate the addition of solid colors.|||Yes|||

Aug 19, 2015Judy

I own two Deluxe Everyday bags and the zippers don't work. Why doesn't LeSportSac use better zippers? I'm thinking of purchasing another bag but hesitant to do so because of my experience with the other two. If the zippers don't work on the two bags I have, it's almost certain the same thing will happen again. It would be nice if there were more solid colors. Fix the zipper problem and I'll be back.|||Yes|||

Aug 19, 2015Judy

I own two Deluxe Everyday bags and the zippers don't work. Can't understand why LeSportSac doesn't use better zippers. Also, why aren't there more solid colors? I would like to purchase a new bag but I'm having second thoughts - zippers don't work on the two I have and it doesn't make sense to buy a new one, it's almost a sure thing that the zippers won't work after a few months of use.|||Yes|||

Aug 15, 2015Fran

I have owned my Everyday bag for years and it is the best bag I have ever owned. It fits all essentials for traveling (kindle, wallet, passport, plane tkts, etc). Even though purchased for traveling, I use it everyday. I own the black and would purchase another if they came in some solid colors like khaki (green & tan). Wish you would add some solid colors to your color palate. |||Yes|||

Jul 29, 2015Jennifer

Love the bags, but ZIPPERS are a constant problem. I've owned 4 and zippers have failed within 1 year on all of them. But still the best bag out there, compartment for everything. Adding a water-bottle elastic net would also be cool. LeSportSac, please install better zippers! |||Yes|||

Jul 08, 2015Martha Lindner

I keep buying the Deluxe Everyday bag (I have 6) because it's lightweight and has many pockets. But please, why are the zippers so terrible? No repair/replacement service is now available. And why all the goofy prints to the exclusion of a good selection of solid colors? |||No|||

Jun 26, 2015Lyes Adames

I LOVE THIS EVERYDAY BAG! I was concern when I bought it. I didn't know what to expect, but in the end I love it. I love it! I have been using it since I got it a week ago. It is comfortable and everything fits perfectly. Now my niece wants one and I will absolutely get it for her in a small size. I am going to start looking for another cool and pretty bag.|||Yes|||

Jun 12, 2015Princess Kitty

The LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday Bag has always been my favorite because it has enough room for all my things and is made well. At first I got only the solid colors so they would match anything. Recently I had the opportunity to choose gifts from LeSportsac and decided to try my favorite Deluxe Everyday Bag in some printed designs. I especially love the Disney Cinderella Fairytale Moment print, the Magnificent print, and the Blooming Hearts print. They are both practical and beautiful! |||Yes|||

May 31, 2015Chloe

I love the deluxe everyday bag, I have 2 but more than 60 Lesportsac total in various size styles. I would love some metallic modern options, maybe in some subtle geometric patterns? And I would do anything for a new "Sasha" bag, as a new mom it has become my go to perfect bag for every day use but it's a discontinued style :( maybe some sort of custom Lesportsac bag making option so we can choose the bag style with the color we want? Love Lesportsac, I've been buying for 15 years and won't ever stop.|||Yes|||

May 22, 2015Lee

This is my favorite bag. I use it every day, all the time, for all occasions. I have owned four so far. The weak link in this purse is the zipper. It ruined all four bags. It was sad because the rest of the purse was still in great condition. Once those tiny teeth wear out, don't match up exactly or pull apart, the zipper never closes securely again. It was always with one of the main zippers. I would suggest a metal zipper. I don't think that would defeat the lightweight feature. It would not keep people from purchasing another bag because they are otherwise irresistible.|||Yes|||

May 22, 2015Lee

I am a huge fan of the Deluxe Everyday Bag and have gone through at least four. My only criticism is of the zipper. With each bag, the thing that went out was the zipper. It was sad because the rest of the bag was in great condition. But once that plastic zipper got tired out, it would never stay closed again. Because it happened with all four bags, it really shows that as a weak link in an almost perfect purse. I suppose a metal zipper would defeat the lightweight purpose, but a heavier-duty zipper would really help. Please improve the zipper if you can.|||Yes|||

May 07, 2015babs

Got to have my lesportsac. My mother always had one and got me into them. I love the awesome prints. So what if it doesn't match my outfit. too bad if you think that is Gross! Express yourself! I love that these purses are so light weight. I can't understand who would want a leather bag trimmed with metal that weighs pounds before you even put stuff in it! there is a place for every thing. I am partial to the deluxe. I own a slew of these bags! So many cute designs!|||Yes|||

May 02, 2015Roz

I have been using your bags since the 70's when only solid colors were available. I agree with all others, more solid colors - khaki, dark green, navy, etc. Thanks if you can do it.|||Yes|||

Apr 23, 2015Janet K Nelson

I love these bags but would like to see more solid colors for spring. The Everyday Bag is my favorite and have bought them for many years. It would be nice if you had every bag on sale rather than just a few. Thank you.|||Yes|||

Apr 11, 2015Kattz

I love and adore LeSportsac bags. It's just you can hardly buy or find LeSportsac bags where I live so I tend to travel to the States to buy my bags. I have in total of 200+ LeSportsac's in many different styles but more of the Deluxe Everyday Handbag 7507, lol I've been collecting since 2005. I have recommended these bags to friends and families. Please go get you some a LeSportsac item now if you don't own any. Best bag ever! :)|||Yes|||

Apr 04, 2015Bernee Nacker

What ever happened to the solid colors????????? I have been wearing your purses for many, many years (in tan, black and white) and would sure like to start replacing some of them but IN SOLID COLORS ONLY! Why don't you take the advice from those submitting their comments wanting the purses in solid colors? I would never wear a print purse I would prefer to use a print in a scarf or jacket, etc. Your prints are YUCKY. I must admit though the style is fantastic. The DeLux everyday bag is what I am referring to.SOLIDS,PLEASE! Low rating only because of No Solids. Every other rating would be a definite 5-heart....|||Yes|||

Feb 26, 2015Esther Levy

I have four LeSportsac bags in solid colors, which I prefer. I have enjoyed them for years. Too bad the zippers are not made as well as the rest of the bags. Esther|||Yes|||

Feb 26, 2015Esther

I have this bag in 4 solid colors and it works well with all my clothes. I do not want a print. Too bad the zipper doesn't hold up as well as the rest of the bag.|||Yes|||

Feb 25, 2015Judith Beres

I own several bags in several colors and love them. So easy to care for and keep clean. My all-white bag, which is at least ten years old, is showing its age. I wear it every summer. I would love to be able to buy a new all-white one (no contrasting trim, no pattern) in the Deluxe Everyday Bag style. Also, my 20-year-old purple travel cosmetic bag finally wore out (the zipper) and I'd love to have a solid purple replacement. Any possibility of such solid colors becoming available? Recently I bout the travel cosmetic bag in the "Blissful" pattern in Hawaii. I'd love to find the Deluxe Everyday Bag in that pattern, but it is not on your web site and not in stores in the mainland.|||Yes|||

Feb 24, 2015Debbie

I just started my collection of LeSportsac purses , l have to say I love love love them. I'm usually a backpack person but I now have several different styles. I have a pattern that has hearts on it and the colors are light and dark pink with some gray. It's in the everyday size. I found it of all places in new condition at a goodwill. I was so excited when I found it I just wish you still had the pattern. Can you please tell me what the pattern is called?|||Yes|||

Feb 10, 2015Maria Maria

First of all, love it!!! I have been getting this bag for the last 6 years it so. I would love to see this bag (Deluxe Everyday bag) in a flat gold color and a flat silver color and maybe even a flat copper color, but not all on one bag, individually. I can't wait to see/get it! I'll be waiting 😍|||Yes|||

Feb 10, 2015Maria Maria

I love you bags! But you MUST make the Deluxe everyday bag in a brushed gold or brushed copper color. But not all together on one bag, separate... ❤️. I can't wait to see/get it! I'll be waiting 😃|||Yes|||

Jan 26, 2015Erika

Love this bag, have it in several patterns but the best pattern by far I think was the Scavenger Hunt pattern. Also the one that kind of looks like computer pixels. Please do more like those.|||Yes|||

Jan 19, 2015KRISTIN L NOEL

I have been using this bag since the 80's. I use it for everyday use. I use no other bag. I just love it. My only objection is not enough solid colors, like silver, gold, beige, white and in metallic too. Too many kiddy patterns. SOLID COLORS are always in. If i wear a printed outfit i certainly wouldn't wear a printed purse. GROSS, bad choice!|||Yes|||

Jan 08, 2015C Brooks

As a long time owner and user of LeSportsac, can't say enough!! Been using them since 1979 when they started... have 30+ bags, all sizes, shapes and colors. My last purchase was in 2013 for the Large Backpack in a "starry" print, love it, love it, love it. Always wanted a Deluxe Everyday in a blush pink. Miss my Large Prizm Hobo - why isn't it made anymore??? The size of the Hobo is "purrfect" for my use. Been a fan since you guys had the Travel Store in Washington DC in the late 1970s... I'd be happy to be contacted as a long time customer. |||Yes|||

Jan 04, 2015Ellen

I finally purchased my first LeSportsac this past year. I loved it so much, I got a second one, and I will probably buy one or two more. My mom and daughter got their first bags, too. I love the Deluxe Everyday bag--it has plenty of pockets so I can find things easily.|||Yes|||

Jan 04, 2015Ellen

I finally purchased my first LeSportsac this past year. I loved it so much, I got a second one, and I will probably buy one or two more. My mom and daughter got their first bags, too. I love the Deluxe Everyday bag--it has plenty of pockets so I can find things easily.|||Yes|||

Nov 10, 2014Libby

This is my first LeSportsSac. I'm really excited to own one. I stopped carrying oversided purses since my spine is off-line and sciatica. I was told to lighten my load and stretch. Well I lighted the load for starters! I was carrying Bagalini (still love it) and Giani Bernini (still love that too) but with school, sometimes I need a wee bit bigger than the two I mentioned. I love the numerous pockets, style, and pattern (almost like a tie dye pattern). I look forward to a very long relationship with this bag!|||Yes|||

Nov 04, 2014Kuuipo Faletogo

This style bag is what converted me from my Coach & Dooney & Boorke line to this line. My girlfirend told me about this line n what made me try this was the fact she said it was Washable n Waterproof! So I have the brown Hawaii print n I aboslutely love it plus it'll fit my 40oz Hydroflask in it. Theres so many things I can put in it n it still has room. For example when my husband is with me his stuff is thrown in my bag all the time, which is why I had the more expensive lines for durability. But the weight of it never really shifted evenly n it was bulky. Here's what ends up in my bag a bottle of alieve, perscription glasses, lady stuff, his Nextel cellphone, my Samsung Note 4, his thick wallet, his Samsung Tablet 3, my Ipad, my wallet, my mod, ejuice n my 40oz Hydroflask,along with his sunglasses n mines. The best part is there's still room for more stuffs. I did machine wachine it in cold water n hang dry n its still awesome. It dried really fast overnight n in my apartment too! No funny odor nor was it partly dried, being the weather was cold n rainy that night. The beating this bag takes is more than the other two lines take. Plus the waterproof is true! Sometimes it rains in HI n it doesnt soak through the bag. If something spills on it it doesn't leave a stain on it, u just wipe it away n done. Or u use any kind of soap with water n wipe it off! Im going to expand my collection n buy more bags from this brand only. My bag with matching zip wallet was only $150.00 w/ a large pouch that was included with the bag is a deal n it wasnt on sale either n this was a new line of print when I bought this. I would've had to pAy wayyy more with the other two lines considering it was on sale n not the new line. I'm sold n will stick to this line ONLY!|||Yes|||

Oct 21, 2014lvntaiwan@gmail.com


Oct 01, 2014Surfer

I got high wear with this bag raising 3 kids and replacing it only for a change after 8 years of continual use. It washed well but air dry always. Spills dry up fast and I used the 3 zip large cosmetic bag to replace the weight of a wallet with ease. A definite mom on the go item, even my kids asked me to fit their toys in it and it amazingly fit lots of stuff that a regular purse could not outperform I moved up to the large tote for slur camera day trips and the todidokiine for cute collectible bags and my teen age daughter got high use out of his hobo bag they made in the early to mid 2000's which I miss from le sport sac's line. Thank you |||Yes|||

Sep 26, 2014dpier@aol.com

Just ordered my 4th LeSportsac bag and I'm sure I'll enjoy it for years. I love the designs and colorful patterns.|||Yes|||

Sep 15, 2014Khmd

I have this bag and I really like it. |||Yes|||

Sep 13, 2014Heidi Sutton

This is a very light weight, roomy purse. I like that it can be used as a cross body or just a regular shoulder purse. I use it when I need extra room for a long trip or attending some event. Otherwise I tend to find it a bit too large for every day purposes. But it's my mom's only purse and has been for about 30 years. I wish they'd put a slightly different zipper pull on one side of the top opening zippers than the other because I'm always opening the wrong side, even though the side pockets are different. I would also love a subdued, mature style cat print. Something in a darker color with cat silhouettes would be lovely.|||Yes|||

Aug 22, 2014DI WALTERS

I actually have about 11 pieces of LeSportsac, two of which are the Deluxe Everyday Bag which I love. I am a ballet teacher and would love to see something along the dance line with dance shoes, either in a tote or handbag like the Deluxe. Also, since I have bought most my bags in Hawaii, it's too bad customers on the mainland don't have access to Hawaii patterns. I love mine. |||Yes|||

Aug 17, 2014Sylvia Ashby

This is just about the only bag I use and I have had many over the years. I have a bad neck and these are lightweight and easier on my neck. I love all the compartments. We travel a lot and this bag is great for passports, papers, and all the other stuff that needs to be carried around. I also use a LeSportsac backpack for iPad, Kindle, soft collar and more. These are outstanding products.|||Yes|||

Aug 02, 2014Leah

I love this bag. Mom bought me my first LeSportsac and I've been using it for years. It is very spacious, with lots of pockets that keeps me organized. Would love to see a new version of it with handles. |||Yes|||

Jul 26, 2014Ellen McMurdie

I love these purses and have used them for years. The reason for the four stars is because I think that this purse in black would be even better with a light colored lining. Everything gets lost inside.|||Yes|||

Jul 24, 2014Susan

I never owned LeSportsac until I saw it on GMA morning steals and deals. Well, my Coach bag's zipper broke. This was the 3rd one I've owned and it's always the zippers. So frustrating! Well the sale was too good to miss. This is by is far my favorite bag! I love all the zippers and it's so tough and durable. I also love that you can wipe off any stains. I can't say enough about how well made they are. If you're tired of designer bags that cost 2-3x more, this is your bag! |||Yes|||

Jul 10, 2014Lynda

I LOVE the Deluxe Everyday Bag. I won't use anything else.|||Yes|||

Jun 20, 2014jill

Unfortunately, no matter what color or pattern this comes in, it looks like a diaper bag.|||Yes|||

May 27, 2014Sheri Sanford

I call this the "perfect purse". I too have several of them. They are all I use except for dressy events. I do have one wish however, that wish is handles. In addition to the shoulder strap. As others have also said, because of all the room, the bag can get heavy. Handles would make it SO much easier to pick up. |||Yes|||

Apr 22, 2014Lisa H.

Fell in love with the Deluxe Everyday style a few years ago and I wouldn't use anything else now. However, I second that motion regarding cats! We need kitties! Thanks!|||Yes|||

Mar 28, 2014Rochelle Miller

I have been purchasing the deluxe everyday bag for years. It is the only style that I carry, but sometimes it can become over stuffed and plays havit with my back. If I'm not mistaken, there was a smaller version of the everyday bag years ago. Would be nice to have another option that is a little bit smaller. Please check your archives to see and bring it back. Would buy that one in a heartbeat too. Thanks.|||Yes|||

Mar 08, 2014candbhenderson@aol.com

I also have several bags of this style. They last forever, hold everything leaving enough room to fish stuff back out, have just the right number of pockets, are altogether wonderfull. The price seems a bit jaw-dropping until you buy your first one, and realize it was worth every penny.|||Yes|||

Mar 06, 2014Ellen Schoenberg

Have been using the Deluxe Everyday Bag..for years.. I have at least ten of them in various colors, solids and designs to match what I am wearing--- Wonderful for traveling ----I used to purchase them at The Southampton, NY Outlet Center.. However, since they have closed , I've been purchasing them online-- Waiting for you to create one with cats, but not children's pictures.. and not too vivid.. Am I asking a lot?-- Anyway, I will keep purchasing regardless.. |||Yes|||

Feb 26, 2014Beverly

The Deluxe Everyday Bag is the only bag I use. I have lots of different colors and patterns. I love the style because it fits everything from my cell phone, to keys, to an e reader. There's a compartment for everything.|||Yes|||

Feb 26, 2014Cindy

I love the Deluxe Everyday Bag. I have three so far. The pockets keep me organized and I love how lightweight the bag is, so I get to carry a bigger bag without being weighed down. The fun patterns are the best.|||Yes|||

Feb 20, 2014lily

The Deluxe Everyday Bag is the best bag I have ever bought. I have so many patterns. I use it as a travel bag and diaper bag. This bag has superb compartments. I will continue adding the Deluxe Everyday Bag to my collection. |||Yes|||

Feb 19, 2014Cathy

This bag is great for traveling. It's a little too big for me (I'm petite) for a main purse but I love it for situations when I do need a bigger purse. All the pockets are great! |||Yes|||

Feb 15, 2014christybarnes602

This is my favorite bag! I use it as a purse on an everyday basis. It has so many pockets and it keeps me organized. It is big enough to hold all my stuff but it's not too bulky. I love all the fun patterns!|||Yes|||

Feb 13, 2014hailey

I have a LeSportsac that I bought in Hawaii and love it, I use it as my purse for everyday use. Love it and the colors are amazing. I love the style and versatility and would recommend them for all, who love to be different and stand out.|||Yes|||


I have used the Deluxe Everyday Bag solely for many years. The design is so practical and lightweight. I carry many things, including a book wherever I go. I started with classic black and beige, but now go for the brightest happiest color pattern available. I recommend them to everyone who comments on my bags. |||Yes|||

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